Called to Coach!!

Called to Coach

Many people, including myself, are forced to or have been forced to work a job that doesn’t fuel their passion or utilize the gifts the God bestowed upon them.  I have set goals, planned, and am now living and loving my career.

I have not always been as fortunate or as focused as I am today.  I moved to Fresno from San Francisco in 1997 to attend Fresno State and pursue a degree in exercise science, which led me to my first job / internship in the fitness industry.  In 1999 I began my personal training career at Bally’s Fitness, competitive body building, and got certified as a personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  After excelling in every position I tackled with Bally’s, I ventured out to start my own mobile fitness company.  Not all of my business ventures have been a success and even with investors, multiple locations, and employees, in 2011, I was forced to close my businesses, file bankruptcy, and leave the fitness industry for a steady paycheck in the construction industry.

My Resurgence…

It was evident I was unhappy and lacked passion about the construction industry.  I knew something needed to change, I just didn’t know what was.  I had taken the idea of a career in fitness off my radar, likely because of the hurt and failure I felt whenever I reflected on my journey in fitness.  However, every failure is a learning opportunity and when I was still and alone with my thoughts, I realized the only thing I was truly passionate about was FITNESS.  I sought advice from several close people; I wanted to be certain I was making the right decision.   I put my future in God’s hands, prayed and asked Him for guidance.  Jeremiah 29:11:  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

In April of 2014 Resurgent Fitness and Coaching was created and Open for Business. I re-certified with National Academy of Sports Medicine and also became a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach.  Almost 3 years later and  I am truly thankful for the work that God has called me to do. EVERYTHING I’m doing is through of His grace and mercy.  My goal now is to highlight my clients so that they can be a source of motivation for others, as they are to me. I truly want to spread the good news of fitness, help as many people as possible, and show everyone you are to alone in the fitness fight.

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Transformation Tuesday! #CoachRobJsTT

Tony-Robbins changeThere are many ways a person can transform themselves.  Where do you want to focus your efforts? How do you want to transform your life? Spiritually? Emotionally? Physically? Yesterday’s blog, Monday Motivation – Tony Robbins, is proof that anyone can transform and create the life they desire.

Every day, I work with people who are focused on changing their lives, their health, and their bodies.  In order to make these changes a reality, they have to create a goal, create a plan to achieve that goal, and make a concentrated consistent effort.  A perfect example of a transformation and consistent effort is #FresnoFitChef, Barb!  BarbBarb is someone who has changed almost every aspect of her life to achieve her goals.  When she started her journey 3 years ago, she was a completely different person both mentally and physically.

If you Google “Transformation Tuesday,” over 40 MILLION results come up in less than a second!  This is an incredibly inspiring number and a great resource to see so many others taking control of their future.  A common piece of advice to help anyone achieve a new goal, is to surround yourself with like-minded people and those who have succeeded on a similar path.  I would love to see your transformation pictures!  If you want to share your fitness journey, show off your success, and inspire others, share your photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #CoachRobJsTT!  I just might use it in a future Transformation Tuesday blog!

If you are ready to take control of your health and work on new goals, check out my philosophy on implementing change in your life.  BAM!!!

Transform 1



TR 1.jpg

A public figure that I truly admire, is Tony Robbins.  After growing up in a household run by an abusive alcoholic mother and being abandoned by his father, Tony decided to mold himself into the inspirational man he is, with no example in sight.  He has transformed his life from that of an underprivileged child to that of a man focused on giving back to the world. Serena

He is an incredibly well-round and intelligent man who has built his life on a firm foundation of education, hard work, and gratitude.  His unique brand of life coaching has been sought after by celebrities like Leonardo di Caprio, sports figures, such as Serena Williams and MMA Champion Chuck Liddell, and even Presidents of the United States.

TR Last Pic

What I admire most about Tony is that he has created a platform truly designed to help people move forward, overcome personal obstacles, and learn to come from a place which is centered in GRATITUDE!  He is making a huge impact.  His relentless pursuit of personal development and contributing to make our world a better place, make him just the type of man I would like to sit down and have a beer with.  Take 20 minutes to watch this Ted Talk by Tony, which has been viewed over 20 MILLION TIMES!   He must be doing SOMETHING right! BAM!!!

A Real Warrior, A Real Struggle

Late 2011 vs Mid 2013

A couple of weeks ago, I walked into Synergy at 5:30am to Rob’s “Good morning Sunshine” and instead of my normal response, I plopped down in his office and just started crying.  Poor Rob – Coach, Trainer, Therapist, “One of my girls,” and a true friend – He sees it ALL.  I was in pain and couldn’t understand what happened to the progress I’d made over the last 15 months.  I was feeling pretty defeated and like no one could possibly understand how both physically and emotionally painful this set back is for me.  In typical Coach Rob fashion, he gave me some sage advice and asked me to write a blog about my set backs because, “It’s real life.”  

From 2011 to mid 2013, I had gotten much healthier and was in great shape, so I was devastated when my car accident restricted my ability to work out for almost a year.  I gained at least 40 pounds and felt like I was back at SQUARE 1.  Let’s BE CLEAR, I am NOT one of those girls that can work out 3x a week and eat healthy and stay in shape.  It takes work.  At any size, I have been very active, able to do yoga, and run around in stilettos; after my accident, I could do NONE of these.  For me, this was unacceptable! IMG_4459

When Rob and I started working out, I took breaks between exercises within a set and often times, I would have to sit on the floor and stretch before I could continue.  But I WOULD NOT QUIT – I persevered!  IMG_7948There were days I would work out 3 times a day, once with Rob, once in the pool, and then cardio.  I was on a mission.  From the end of April 2016, only 3 months out of surgery, to December of last year, I made huge strides.  I dropped weight, was able to regain some of my balance, and could workout without taking breaks! I could see the light at the end of the tunnel!  

During my recovery period, I have been plagued with a lot of emotional life changes.  I am going through a divorce, I lost my career, because of the extended leave of absence, and I was/am (2 years later) in a horrific lawsuit with my car insurance company.  So, I threw myself into looking for a new career and working out.  After several months of looking, another of Coach Rob J’s Real Warriors, Steph, helped me find a new career I LOVE!  Her team at Hire Ups is AWESOME!    I was finally feeling like I had gotten my life back!  Within 3 days of being back in an office environment and sitting, I was in excruciating pain and absolutely ready to give up.  You know that saying, “a body in motion, stays in motion?”  Ummm that’s TRUTH right there!

IMG_1040Due to the pain, I went to my surgeon and received less than stellar news about the future of “my back health.”  My last few sessions with Rob had been emotionally taxing, because I had lost a lot of my agility, balance, and stamina.  The biggest deterrent for me, the pain.  I was/am scared of the pain that is waiting for me with every workout.  I told Rob through tears, “I just can’t do it (I have never said this phrase to him until that day!), I am just so frustrated.”  He let me cry and rant and curse a little about the uninsured driver that changed my life and then he leaned across his desk and said, “I’m sorry Sunshine, but you can do this.  We just need to go back to what we know works.  Baby steps.”  So here we go, BACK to the beginning…For the record, I HATE BABY STEPS!           


Taking that FIRST STEP!

Mag GlassAs human beings, many of us naturally have a fear of the unknown.  Over the next few Thursdays, I will be sharing the process I follow with my “private session” clients.  This series will take you from when a client chooses to take that leap of faith all the way through when we celebrate their goal achievement and the milestones along the way.

If you have been following my “Coach Rob J’s Real Warriors”  series, you have learned that every client has a different reason for working with a personal trainer.  My clientele consists of warriors who are solely trying to better their health to those who are looking to become competitors in the fitness arena.  No matter which journey they are traveling, they all start by taking that first step – The Initial Consultation.

My first meeting with a potential new client is what I like to call, “DISCOVERY.”  This initial meeting is a vital piece of the coaching and training program. the most important part of the services I offer.  My discoveries will set the tone and pace for every aspect of the program and will serve as a guide as we move through the process. During my first 30-45 minute consultation, I ask as many questions as possible to get a full understanding of the client’s needs.  We discuss topics such as goals, motivations, aspirations, health and personal history, lifestyle, and even mental and physical challenges with which someone may be struggling.  And, although it is often the most dreaded part for my clients, I do take measurements, body weight, and body fat percentage.  All of the information I compile becomes a road map to how I will individualize my coaching and training for this person.  img_7552

The first meeting is not a time for me to solve any issues or try to immediately figure out what type of program they need.  It is a time for me to learn about you and gather information about how we can work together to help you achieve your goals.  Knowledge is power and having an “Accountability Partner”ups the probability that you will achieve your goals.  Trust me, I will hold you accountable!

What is holding you back?  What questions would you like answered?  Send me a message on Facebook , direct message or tag me (@coach_robj) in a question on Instagram, or comment below!  Let’s find out together what is keeping you from taking that first step toward a healthier you!  BAM!

Take Action!

There’s an action step right before you, TAKE IT!

Coach Rob, BAM

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“Set Your Bar Ridiculously High”

Don’t sell yourself short!!

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Motivation Monday — THE ROCK

IMG_7481Over the next several weeks,  I am going to share some of my favorite sources of inspiration.  This week, I am giving a shout out to The Rock! If you haven’t checked out Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for a little comic relief and a whole lot of motivation, you’re missing out on one of my favorites sources of inspiration.  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Instagram Page.

I admire The Rock for so many reasons but especially his drive and commitment to his grind.  He is up at all hours of the night and day, working out and working on his career.  His relentless pursuit of success and development is not solely focused on his professional growth.  project-rock-rock-clock-3-600-92902He is also committed to help others achieve their goals and make their dreams come true by his charitable works and special projects.  His “Project Rock”  offers personal motivation for individuals “to help many people get after their goals as possible.”  Wake up and Grind with “The Rock Clock!”

The list of charities to which The Rock and his businesses donate includes Make-a-Wish and several charities supporting terminally-ill children, including his own The Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation, he founded in 2006 which works with at-risk and terminally ill children.  Dwayne-JohnsonHe is also known to be an avid supporter of our troops and is involved with Boot Campaign, a charity focused on military appreciation.  Follow The Rock on Twitter!

On days when you don’t want to get out of bed or push through the pain, hit up The Rock for a quick injection of motivation.  He is pushes himself despite of his long list of past injuries, to keep his body healthy.   Check out this warm up, which includes the long list of injuries and surgeries he pushes through daily! His work ethic just FUELS my FIRE! BAM!!!   Dwayne-Johnson-Motivational-Quotes-03






11 Reasons to LOVE The ROCK!