Reason 47|50

Feeling run down with basic everyday tasks? Maybe you need to do more and increase your level of exertion. Exercise has the ability to improve your efficiency, meaning it will cost you less energy to do normal amounts of activity. Exercise will also delay the onset of fatigue as well. You will be able to endure longer and have that “2nd wind”.

What would more energy look like in your life?

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Life is a sport

All athletes train and exercise!!

This is not news to anyone.. But what you may not realize is that you too are an athlete. You have a body- it moves, it functions, and you put a lot of demands on it.

As an athlete would train for an event or sport, you should train for the sport of life. You never know what life will through at you, but the one that is physically adept will be better off.
Performance is key!! People are counting on you to fulfill the roles you are responsible for.

I have said before that fitness and exercise is so much more than tight glutes and shredded abs… fitness is about living life to the best of your capacity.

Go do something!!

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Do More

Do you want to get better at something??

Then do more of that “something” and each time focus on getting a little better! If you do anything that requires physical exertion, exercise will help you become more efficient and will improve your ability to perform.

If your tired… Get up and move. I know it sounds odd but it works. Get your body accustomed to activity and you will have more energy.

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